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Herb (The Body Shop), I meet a few years ago. Herb began by painting my shell to match my 06 F350 and still looks great.  I started my new project “Budget Stallion”. I started with a stock legend lime GT Mustang then I brought it to Herb and asked him to take my pony to Stallion status. Herb gave great advice and professional service. Thanks to “Body Shop” I’m cruising in my pride (smiling).

Thanks Herb (The Body Shop). 

Dan Neitzel

I brought my  Buick to Herb to trouble shoot and hopefully correct overheating, steering box and other problems affecting the reliability and drivability of the car. Although the car had been the recipient of a 100k plus restoration prior to my ownership there were were numerous mechanical and cosmetic problems involving the dashboard, the trunk compartment, the interior trim and the paint. The Body Shop corrected every problem that the car had and did so in a cost effective manner. They were very patient with me as I added items for them to address and nothing stumped them. I recommend Herb Burkey and the Body Shop unconditionally. Based upon my great experience with the Buick I have contracted Herb to design and build a resto mod1959 El Camino for me.

When I had a little mishap with my Mini Cooper, Herb and his staff got me in straight away to get my car fixed.  Not only did they do an excellent job, they were friendly and very professional!  The Body Shop is definitely a keeper...I would not hesitate to have them fix my car anytime.


Herb Burkey and The Body Shop

My 1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe was one of the first cars that moved over to the new current location on Adobe Ave.   When I first met with Herb, and told him  about the history of the car (only 80 known in existence) and what I was looking for (White paint with Pearl, straight body and a deep crisp mirrored reflection  of my hand and fingers  when I run it along the surface) he asked me what I did for a living.  When I told him I was a Quality Control Engineer for a local aerospace company, his only reply was “Well, I think our work is going to be cut out for us”.  Even though there was no body damage or rust on the car, after soda blasting it, many hours were spent to get all factory imperfections out of the hood and body.  Since I worked just 5 miles from the shop, he got frequent visits from me to see and take pictures of the progress.  Never was there a feeling that I was a pain, or he didn’t want me around.  There was always time to stand around it and talk about ideas for the finished product.  From deciding on trunk, under carriage and engine compartment coatings, to Pearl color ideas, one of a kind ghost flames that can only be seen in the direct sunlight, pin striping ideas that did not stick out like a sore thumb and a mirrored interior hood idea I wanted to incorporate.  We wanted a finished project that did not stray too far from the stock look, but was an individual one of a kind car.  Herb was there with ideas and contacts to make it happen.

I have had The Body shop paint a couple of other minor projects and have referred friends to Herbs shop.  All with positive expected outcomes and in every case, payment is always after work is completed, where so many shops doing custom work want it all up front.

Though the most rewarding to me was when my son decided to rebuild his first car, my old 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe that was stolen and recovered stripped, years ago.  After a donor car was purchased to replace all missing parts, what went to The Body Shop was in quite rough shape along with a very tight budget of a 20 year old.  We hovered over the car, discussed all options, possible finishes, paint combinations, aftermarket accessories and potential associated costs.  As he did with me, whenever my son showed up to check out the progress, Herb had the time to go over it all with him.

What was delivered was well beyond my expectations and within the discussed budget.  Herb and his staff did a fantastic job and gave my son a painted shell of a car that he is very proud of.  It is close to becoming running and roadable, and I will be proud to be able to show both cars side by side as the only two years they were produced.

 Gery L.  Scottsdale, AZ

I have worked with Herb and The Body Shop for several years now, both as a professional and as a customer. His integrity and honesty are rare for the automotive repair industry, and the quality of work performed by his staff is exceptional. His rates are competitive and he works with customers to save wherever possible. I highly recommend The Body Shop to anyone looking for great service and quality.


Great service, outstanding quality, professional staff….  We would highly recommend Herb Burkey and The Body Shop to anyone needing anything from minor maintenance to full restoration of a vintage vehicle. 

Here is our story:  My husband and I bought a 1950 Ford which we wanted to restore.  Although she was drivable, it was not a pleasant experience.  Our goal was for ‘Clara’ to be updated safety-and reliability-wise, but keep her as stock as possible so we could enjoy going to car shows worry-free.  After checking out MANY shops in the greater Phoenix area (and even some out of state) we decided The Body Shop was ideal.  Herb really understood what we wanted to do and made sure it happened.  He spent hours researching alternatives for us to convert Clara from 6 V to 12 V, finding parts, re-upholstery choices, historically correct paint options,  seal and glass replacement, as well as getting her flathead V-8 engine and accessories reconditioned and back to tiptop performance. Countless phone calls between Herb and my husband made sure Clara turned out exactly as we envisioned.  In fact, due to Herb’s research and suggestions, Clara far exceeded our expectations!

 Her latest stay at The Body Shop has been not just for routine maintenance (for which we would trust NO ONE else!), but to upgrade a few safety items such as adding blinkers and LED lights.

 We could not be happier with the choice we made for Clara’s “makeover”.  Herb runs a professional shop, his friendly personnel are very knowledgeable about and enjoy vintage vehicles, and the entire staff makes you feel like you are part of “The Body Shop” family.  Whenever we take Clara to The Body Shop, they welcome her with open arms and beam with pride at the fantastic job they did on her restoration.

  And you know…..  we are not sure, but we swear we see Clara’s beautiful front grill tilt up just a bit into a smile after she arrives at The Body Shop! 

Jan Green and Carl Hagen

Waddell, AZ

We have been using the body shop for years. Herb and his staff are friendly, honest and reliable. . . and the finished product excellent! We would recommend The Body Shop for all your automotive needs. Thanks Herb! ~ Drs. Ron and Cori Bender

For years, I had taken my 2001 BMW 525is to the dealership for repairs and service. However, I finally decided to look for other options when I was told that I had a leak in my air conditioning system that would require replacement of the air conditioning compressor - - a job I was advised would necessitate removal of my vehicle’s dashboard and cost $3000. Needless to say, I looked for other options. I brought my car to The Body Shop, met with the owner, Herb Burkey, and discussed both the problem and the fix proposed by the dealership. Mr. Burkey asked that I give him the opportunity to check out the problem and determine if there was an alternative to the expensive fix recommended by the dealer. I gave him the opportunity and am glad that I did. The Body Shop solved my air conditioning problem by replacing an inexpensive rubber O-ring and recharging the cooling system. The entire cost was less than $100 - - a $2,900 savings from the cost of the fix quoted by the dealer. And, my air conditioning system is blowing cold air once again. I wish I had come to The Body Shop years earlier. Thank you Mr. Burkey. You have made a customer for life.
Bob Itri

I have often felt that the service representatives at the car dealers and independent services stations intentionally talk over my head and try to take advantage of me because I am a woman. Not so with the guys at The Body Shop. I was greeted personally by the owner, Herb, who took the time to explain to me the work involved, showed me the parts that required fixing, discussed my options and the costs of the options. I was then able to understand and make an educated decision on what repairs I needed to make. Best of all, the prices were fair and reasonable. Thank you Herb and The Body Shop. Love you guys!! 
Dawn D.

The brakes went out on my car. My daughter literally punched the brakes through the drum. Herb got my car in right away and went above and beyond the call of duty. He gave me a reasonable estimate considering the condition of my brake system and got the work done and my car back on the road very quickly. Herb is just one of those people that cares and works very hard to meet everyone’s needs. I would highly recommend The Body Shop for all your car needs, whether you need body work or just plain mechanical repairs. 

Nancy Fleming

Desert Valley Auto Parts
23811 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85085

RE: The Body Shop

For the last four years we have had the pleasure of doing business with Herb  and The Body Shop. We utilize The Body Shop for work on our customer  vehicles, numerous classic car restoration projects as well as our personal  vehicles. The Body Shop always delivers top quality workmanship that  satisfies even our pickiest customers. Herb's quotes are dead on and there is  rarely an unforeseen charge. The Body Shop is very good with time quotes  as well, delivering the completed vehicle within the estimated time.
 It is with pleasure we recommend Herb and The Body Shop to anyone  considering a body shop. We are confident you will receive the same honest  and personalized service we have.
Kevin Steele

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